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Who Is Shield?

Shield Industrial Painting is the best choice for Engineering your most complex painting projects. We are Experts in the field of Corrosion Control. We achieve this through education, training and experience. Our “Core Values” at Shield reflect our desire to achieve project goals safely, on time and under budget. We are a Full Service Industrial Painting & Epoxy Flooring Contractor serving the Mid-West.

With a “Team” of well educated and trained staff we can offer services many of our competitors cannot such as Long Term Corrosion Control Planning (SIPP), Coating Inspection (Oversight), Failure Analysis and Specification Writing. We understand “Customer Satisfaction” is the ultimate goal of any successful company. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Recently adding Certifications in the following Business Segments;
Railroad-* Mobile Rail Car Cleaning (Kosherization), Blasting & Lining
Nuclear Power- Class 1 Areas
Polyurea/Polyaspartics- Rhino Linings, Sherwin Williams & Raven Linings
Cooling Tower Basin Lining Systems- Rhino Linings, CIM & VersaFlex