Services & Perspective

Shield, our name says it all and our team of Protective Coating Specialists will ensure that your property or facility is protected against corrosion. Ranging in scale from smaller industrial tanks and showroom floors to entire power plant facilities and automotive factories, we engineer the finished product to stand up to the harshest of environments. By utilizing our many years of experience within the industrial painting and flooring markets combined with an additional investment into learning about your company we can get a clear perspective of the project and your goals. Our approach allows our team of well trained and educated professionals to construct a safe, on time, and under budget plan. With our Office in Indiana we are ideally located to cover the Mid-West.

Perspective, we believe our investment in education is the single biggest advantage we have over the competition. Collaboration within our organization and with our customers becomes the next critical factor in a successful project. Being a part of organizations within our trade like NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) we are exposed to some of the most respected minds in the field of Corrosion. We have access to Paint Testing Labs to helps us come to a definitive conclusion about paint failures. These actions expand the Services we can offer our customers. Being aware of the most relevant and effective methods of surface preparation and the latest advances in coating technology propel us to the top of our trade. 

We specialize in long term corrosion control and offer a program (SIPP) that allows you to plan and budget out 10-15 years. We begin with a Plant Survey then prioritize the plan based on current corrosion levels of each Vessel or item and provide budget values for each item. To that end we also offer but are not limited to: Long Term Corrosion Control Planning (SIPP), Coating Inspection (Oversight), Failure Analysis, and Specification Writing. Oh and by the way our Safety Record is so clean (no OSHA Recordables in the history of the company) that we are considered the "Safest Painting Contractor in the State of Indiana".  For a comprehensive list of painting and flooring application methods and procedures, visit the "Industrial Painting" or "Epoxy Flooring" pages.

Industry Codes/Classifications

SIC  1721, NAICS  238320, CSI 09700 & 09900  

EMR  1 for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019