Shield Industrial - A Brief History

Shield Industrial Coatings, Linings & Inspection is an exceptionally skilled Coatings Application & Inspections Company. Taught by some of the brightest minds in the Coatings Industry, the men and women who wrote the books, Mr. Andrew Robertson owner of Shield began his coatings career with Pratt & Lambert Paints as a Sales Representative in the Indiana Sales Territory. From there Mr. Robertson continued his climb upward through the ranks with Glidden/ICI Paints and PPG Industries where he covered 9 States as the Regional Sales Manager for Industrial Coatings. During this time Mr. Robertson attended many Industrial Coatings Classes and achieved many Certifications while rubbing elbows with Coatings Fomulators and serving on many Coating Councils such as Marathon Ashland Oil, Findley, Ohio and Chrysler Corp. at their HQ in Auburn Hills, MI. After becoming an International Coatings Inspector more than 25 years ago and serving as a Vice President and Operations Manager for two very large Industrial and Commercial Painting Companies for 15 years Mr. Robertson started his own painting company Shield Industrial Services, LLC (Painting & Epoxy Flooring Applicators). Because of Mr. Robertson’s unique and in-depth industrial coatings background Shield is considered a full service coatings company with the ability to adapt safely to the environment and engineer the best solution for your coating projects inclusive of application, oversight, Inspection and design. Mr. Robertson visits every job site daily in an effort to ensure the safest most effective outcome for all involved parties. Mr. Robertson requires that all employees are trained thoroughly in a "Site Specific" manor before embarking on any project thus insuring minimal down time and a successful conclusion to each day. Shield is capable of engineering and rigging complex structures safely. Shield can respond to customers needs anywhere in the continental US with several partnered locations and vast material and equipment reserves. We specialize in the application of coating systems to Concrete, Steel, Masonry and many other difficult surfaces. We utilize the newest most effective Surface Preparation Methods and Coating Technologies to accomplish our projects. Sandblasting, Sponge-Jet Blasting and Vapor Blasting are just a few of the surface preparation methods we use routinely with efficiency. We are also capable of Writing Specifications for almost any application and project and we offer Coatings Failure Analysis. Shield can help you identify, plan and budget utilizing our long-term proprietary strategy called "SIPP", Shield Industrial Planning Program. This program is intended to identify, plan and engineer coating solutions for today and 15 years in the future. Whether your responsible for a small or large facility we can help you guard against corrosion failures and help you protect your assets. This program is offered free to our customers and is dedicated to mitigating corrosion. We can offer Coatings Inspection or Manage your Coatings Project end to end just ask us how! It is easy to see why Shield is your best choice for every Coating Project.